got a sweet tooth

Got a Sweet Tooth? Chew on this!

Serving Amarillo, Canyon, Dalhart and the surrounding Texas Panhandle It is late afternoon, and you are craving a snack. There is that healthy apple or the stash of cookies, which do you choose? If you find that you often reach for the cookies to cure your sweet tooth, then stop and consider what you are doing

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brushing and flossing 101

Brushing and Flossing 101

Serving Amarillo, Canyon, Dalhart and the surrounding Texas Panhandle Brushing and flossing your teeth is probably something that you do every day, we hope, but did you ever stop to wonder if you were doing this necessary task correctly? Nearly 92% of adults (age 20-64) have tooth decay, according to the National Institute of Dental and

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Could Implants be an Option for You?

Amarillo, Canyon, and Dalhart Texas Implants are a great option for many people and for a variety of reasons.  A missing tooth, a bridge that is difficult to clean under, baby teeth that never came out, a partial or denture that moves all over the place and makes eating difficult, are a few of the

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no more tmj pain

No More TMJ Pain

Amarillo, Canyon, and Dalhart Texas It really can be true.  If migraine headaches, neck or back pain may have become a way of life for you and you are finding it difficult to conquer your headaches, neck or back pain, it could be a result of jaw misalignment ( TMJ). These are real patients that

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whiter teeth in your future

Whiter Teeth Can Be In Your Future

Amarillo, Canyon, and Dalhart Texas There is an endless list of reasons people would like to have whiter teeth. Maybe it is a storybook wedding, a graduation, an important interview, to ease a lifetime of embarrassment or just because a person has decided they want a more refreshed, younger looking smile. Whatever the reason a

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relax while having treatment

Relax While you have Treatment…Yes this is Possible!

Amarillo, Canyon, and Dalhart Texas It is possible to actually relax when you have dental care.  Yes, that is a true statement.  Don’t let anxiety keep you from getting the care you need any more! We care about our patient’s overall health and helping a patient relax is part of that dynamic. Since we started

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Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body

Amarillo, Canyon, and Dalhart Texas There is a connection between healthy teeth and gums and a healthy body.  Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that your mouth is a portal to the rest of your body? Research has shown there is a connection between gum disease and serious health concerns such as:

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My Jaw Pops, Should I be Concerned?

Amarillo, Canyon, and Dalhart Texas Our brain works to bring our teeth together 1000’s of time a day. Since there is a relationship between the teeth, jaw joints, head and neck muscles, and head posture, a problem in any one of these areas can affect the other. Pain or dysfunction of the head and neck

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Porcelain Veneers an Art Form

Amarillo, Canyon, and Dalhart Texas Cosmetic Dentistry is an art form and it should be recognized that each case is different as well as the results.  In this case, porcelain veneers were used to close spaces to create a beautiful and healthy smile.  Smile designs are challenging and can be designed so that veneers should

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Porcelain Veneers, Are They Right For You?

Amarillo, Canyon, and Dalhart Texas Porcelain veneers are often an excellent way to improve one’s smile, yet not all veneers are the same.  Smile design is essential and makes the difference between a good case and an excellent case.  There are many factors that need to be considered when creating a beautiful smile for a

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