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Protect Their Teeth with Sealants

Sealants are made of a flowable liquid plastic material and are applied directly into the deep grooves on the chewing surfaces of your teeth, and then hardened with a special blue light. Sealants provide protection against the accumulation of bacteria and plaque in the grooves of the teeth, where most cavities develop. Learn how sealants can protect your child’s teeth and set them up for excellent dental health.

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Eliminate Harmful Bacteria with Ozone Therapy

Ozone, administered either as a gas or as a liquid, kills bad bacteria, fungi, and viruses through the process of oxidation, while having no effect on healthy tissue. Luckily, we are one of only five dental offices in Texas that is certified to offer this game-changing health technology. No reason to have to drive to Dallas or Oklahoma City for the best of care; it’s right here in the panhandle!

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Night Guards for Grinding

Do you notice having sore jaws or headaches after waking up? Have you noticed that your teeth look flat or worn down on the edges? If so, you are most likely grinding or clenching your teeth. This behavior, called bruxism, is very common and can cause serious damage to your teeth and mouth if it is not treated. Untreated clenching and grinding can lead to destructive results long-term.

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