Neuromuscular Dentistry

neuromuscular dentistry

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Have you been diagnosed with temporomandibular joint disorder, or do you think you suffer from TMJ? Then you should seek the care of a neuromuscular dentist in Amarillo.

What is neuromuscular dentistry?

Neuromuscular dentistry is a specialization of the dental field focusing on the alignment of the jaw. A neuromuscular dentist examines the position of the head and neck muscles, and uses special diagnostic equipment to analyze the position of your jaw to determine the ideal position.

A neuromuscular dentist is the best-qualified medical professional to both diagnose and treat a case of TMJ. Neuromuscular dentists undergo additional education and training that go beyond what is taught in dental school. The premier institution to learn neuromuscular dentistry is the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, which is known as the finest post-graduate dental training facility in the world.

Dr. Clinton Esler not only has studied at the LVI but also received a fellowship from this prestigious institution. Dr. Trey Miller has already completed many courses with LVI, and is well on his way to becoming a fellow.

How do we treat TMJ?

For years, even neuromuscular dentists had to practice inexact science to treat TMJ patients and evaluate the force being placed upon the bite, jaw, and joints of the head and neck.

Dental science has evolved, however, and Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo has state-of-the-art technological advances to help diagnose and treat individuals who suffer from TMJ.

The K7 system allows the dentist to measure, display and store comprehensive data on the way your jaw functions. Using a combination of electromyography and joint sonography, the K7 determines the ideal position of your bite and jaw with regard to both function and comfort. 

The TENS unit can be used on the jaw itself. Short for transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation, a TENS unit emits low-frequency electrical impulses into the muscles of the jaw, increasing the blood flow. This increased blood flow flushes toxins and brings the muscles back into a relaxed, natural state. Once the ideal jaw position is restored, we can explore other treatments to maintain that ideal position, such as oral appliance therapy, orthodontics, and even dental restorations.

T-Scan provides a computerized scan of your entire bite. Any dominant bite areas can be potential pressure points, which can be the source of many of the painful symptoms that manifest in a patient suffering from TMJ. This scan also is used as the blueprint for a treatment plan tailored to each patient.

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