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Sedation - Fearless Dentistry

If you have some level of anxiety about visiting the dentist, then you are in good company with 75% of other Americans. Some level of anxiety or nervousness about going to the dentist is common, but for too many people, visiting the dentist is an dreaded event that provokes outright fear. Learn how Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo offer sedation dentistry for individuals with dental anxiety or certain other pre-existing conditions that make it difficult to receive oral healthcare.

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Night Guards for Grinding

Do you notice having sore jaws or headaches after waking up? Have you noticed that your teeth look flat or worn down on the edges? If so, you are most likely grinding or clenching your teeth. This behavior, called bruxism, is very common and can cause serious damage to your teeth and mouth if it is not treated. Untreated clenching and grinding can lead to destructive results long-term.

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