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Neuromuscular | TMJ Dentistry

Neuromuscular dentistry resolves or improves TMJ dysfunction, tooth grinding, and sleep/airway issues, all by reducing stress on the jaw joint itself. The majority of TMJ symptoms originate from stress and tension in the surrounding muscles which are caused by their relationship to the body’s bone structures. Learn how we diagnose and treat TMJ.

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Having a Comfortable Nights Sleep

If you wake up tired or have drowsiness throughout the day, there is a chance you are not sleeping optimally. Get your energy back by receiving a sleep screening from Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo. If you have already been told you need to sleep with an uncomfortable and noisy CPAP machine, Dr. Miller and Dr. Esler both have specialized training in the area of dental sleep medicines. Lean about finding a suitable, more comfortable alternative for a dental sleep medicine.

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