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Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo believes that to do the best job possible; you need the right tools. As a result, our practice is constantly striving to feature the latest technological advances, which allow us to provide the most convenient and comfortable level of care possible.

Here is some additional information regarding the specific technology and tools we use at Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo:

  • Digital X-rays– Our digital X-ray machine produces clearer, more precise images, while emitting a small fraction of the radiation released by a traditional X-ray machine. We can take a variety of different X-rays including cephalometric (CEPH), which produce a complete image of an entire side of the mouth used for diagnostic purposes, and to develop effective treatment plans.
  • DIAGNOdent laser– A low-level dental laser, which we can use to detect areas of tooth decay that are not easily detected by conventional methods. Diagnosing decay even in the earliest stages means easier treatments for our patients, and we can preserve more of your natural tooth structure.
  • Diode Laser– This state-of-the-art technology makes contouring the gum line much easier, and comfortable, transforming a “gummy smile” into an attractive smile.
  • Conebeam– A diagnostic imaging technology system that produces images that are converted into a three-dimensional view. These images help with dental implants, TMJ patients, and general diagnostic needs.
  • K-7– This diagnostic system combines electromyography and joint sonography to determine the ideal alignment of the bite and jaw in a patient.
  • T-Scan– Another diagnostic tool, this produces a computerized scan of the entire bite, identifying any possible pressure points that can be problematic or painful for an individual suffering from TMJ.
  • TENS unit– Standing for transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation, TENS relaxes the muscles of the jaw via a series of low-frequency electrical impulses. This technology is especially helpful in relieving pain in TMJ sufferers.

These technological advances are just part of Dr. Trey H. Miller and Dr. Clinton L. Esler’s overall commitment to providing the highest level of care. To find out more about any specific technology used in our office, or schedule a consultation, contact our office by calling (806) 513-2544.

Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo is here to serve patients in Amarillo, Canyon, Dalhart and the surrounding Texas Panhandle.

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