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Do you or your child participate in a contact sport? If so, obtain a customized sports mouth guard from Dr. Trey H. Miller and Dr. Clinton L. Esler at Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo.

Why is a sports guard important?

Among young people who take part in sports, injuries to the face and mouth often occur and result in the following:

  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Damage to dental work such as crowns or bridgework
  • Damage to the tooth’s root
  • Injuries to lips and cheeks
  • Tongue injury
  • Fractured jaw

These injuries not only happen regularly but also are often defined as catastrophic in nature. Complete loss of a tooth is common, as is the need to visit an emergency dentist—which usually leads to time missed from school and work.

Suffering a dental injury also raises the risk of other oral health issues later in life, especially gum disease, an infection of the gum tissue that eventually can lead to tooth loss, bone loss, and has negative health consequences.

Why choose our sports guards?

You can find a wide assortment of mouth guards in any sporting goods store and many general merchandise stores. Though readily available, these guards simply do not match up against the quality sports guards produced at

Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo for the following reasons:

  • Quality – Our sports guards are made of professional-grade material.
  • Effectiveness – Each of our guards is custom made for every individual patient by taking an impression of the mouth, which then is used as a model to construct the guard. This guarantees as snug a fit as possible, thus giving your child the utmost level of protection in the event of a collision with another athlete or a piece of equipment.

All parents want to make sure their children are protected. If your child is an athlete, invest in a customized sports guard from Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo. Contact our office by calling (806) 513-2544 to learn more.

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