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Living with a lost tooth can compromise your oral health. If you have multiple missing teeth, the problems magnify. Replace lost teeth and restore your smile by receiving a partial denture from the oral health professionals at Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo.

What is a partial denture?

Also referred to as a partial, it can replace multiple lost teeth on the same arch (either upper or lower). Like all dentures, a partial is prosthetic and removable. You need to remove it to be cleaned, and also when you sleep. Once installed, a partial allows a patient to regain his or her ability to eat and chew, while also restoring the smile.

Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo offers three varieties of partial dentures

All three types of partials will have replacement teeth that have been color matched to look like your existing teeth.

  • Metal: This partial is a metal framework that is covered by an acrylic base, which has the replacement teeth bonded to it. The framework includes a set of metal clasps, allowing the partial to attach into the mouth (around your other teeth), providing a secure fit and minimizing slippage.
  • Metal-free: This type of partial is recommended for patients suffering from a metal allergy. Metal-free partials also are ideal for patients who are especially concerned about aesthetics; the absence of the metal framework and clasps makes this partial look even more like your real teeth. Other benefits of a metal-free partial include being more lightweight, flexible, and comfortable.
  • ERA: This partial is secured via an ERA attachment, which is an extracoronal semi-precision attachment. Patients report that ERA partials are easier to take in and out of the mouth, making them a good treatment option for individuals with dexterity problems, or who have lost teeth in positions in the mouth where it can be difficult to insert and remove the partial.

Stop living with the inconvenience and embarrassment of lost teeth. Learn more about a partial denture or schedule a consultation by calling our office at (806) 513-2544.

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