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Forget what you think you know about dentures. Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo offers New You Dentures™, a revolutionary treatment option that represents the cutting edge of current denture technology. Dr. Trey H. Miller and Dr. Clinton L. Esler can have you smiling confidently in no time!

The New You Dentures™ difference

New You Dentures™ uses the most advanced denture techniques and technologies, which are applied while taking both cosmetic and neuromuscular principles into consideration.

Whenever a person loses a tooth, bone deterioration is an eventual consequence. This is because the supporting bone structure no longer receives stimulation from the tooth root. This bone loss also can alter the facial structure of a person, which causes the sunken-in look that often occurs in people who have experienced tooth loss.

New You Dentures™ combat bone loss by using the jawbone as the anchor to install a cantilevered denture. New You Dentures™ are handcrafted to look and perform as much like natural teeth as possible. They also are installed with neuromuscular dimensions taken into account, thus guaranteeing that the patient’s bite is comfortable and stable. After receiving a set of New You Dentures™, a patient often reports looking years younger.

Benefits of New You Dentures™

When you lose your teeth, you also can lose between 50%-75% of your jaw bone mass. This loss can cause your face to look sunken and older than you truly may be. Dentures can help to support bone loss and can alleviate the sunken look, however, not all dentures fit perfectly which can cause jaw damage, bite dislocation, and problems with speech.

New You Dentures™ are individually sculpted for each patient, based upon their jaw size and shape, bite, and bone density. The dentist will take the time to perfectly contour your dentures to fit your mouth.

The whole process may take up to three visits in order to ensure an accurate and healthy fit, but you will be left with dentures that offer the following benefits:

  • Individualized fit
  • Properly supports jaw bone
  • Alleviates bone loss
  • Eliminates sunken look
  • Helps make you look younger
  • Helps lips to appear more full as the dentures push them outward slightly
  • Eliminates speech problems
  • Creates a strong, durable solution to tooth loss

The professional choice

Any dental professional must receive specialized training at the renowned Las Vegas Institute (LVI) before providing the New You Dentures™ system to patients. Both Dr. Trey H. Miller and Dr. Clinton L. Esler have studied at the LVI and remain well versed on every aspect of this exciting and relatively new option for dentures.

Living with lost teeth affects your ability to chew and impacts your self-esteem because of that gap in your smile. Replace your lost teeth, regain your ability to eat, and restore your confidence with a beautiful and functional set of New You Dentures™. To learn more, contact our office by calling (806) 513-2544 to schedule a consultation.

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