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A dental implant is the most elite tooth replacement treatment available in restorative dentistry.

If you are considering having a dental implant installed by Dr. Trey H. Miller and Dr. Clinton L. Esler at Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo, here are some answers to commonly asked questions regarding dental implants.

Q: How much does a dental implant cost?

A: During your initial consultation and an evaluation of your oral health, we will provide a treatment plan outlining the cost of your treatment. Although implants have a higher up-front cost than other tooth replacement options, the long-term cost is mitigated by the fact an implant is a permanent tooth replacement.

Q: How long does it take to receive a dental implant?

A: Any implant procedure will involve at least two appointments—one to insert the implant post itself into the jawbone and another to attach the permanent crown. Total treatment time will vary depending on the specific restorative needs of the patient, as well as his or her oral health, medical history, dental history, and what techniques and materials we use to perform the procedure. However, healing process to allow the implant to fuse to the jawbone usually takes between 3 to 6 months.

Q: Are dental implants safe?

A: Implants have been used in restorative dentistry for decades, and the surgery to insert the implant is one of the most proven and predictable procedures in the dental field. Any surgery has risks, however, and the risk factor increases for patients who smoke or have certain pre-existing conditions. Be sure to go through your medical history and habits in detail with your dentist before beginning any dental implant procedure.

Q: Does the procedure to install an implant hurt?

A: The vast majority of individuals who undergo implant installations report being able to return to work and their normal routine by the next day.

A dental implant should only be installed by an implant dentist with expertise in restorative dentistry that gives him or her the training and experience to assess each patient and come up with the ideal treatment plan. At Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo, our dentists have the experience you are seeking. To learn more about our implant procedure, contact our office by calling (806) 513-2544.

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