The Dangers of Missing Teeth

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When you have one or more missing teeth, the consequences can extend past the aesthetic appearance of your smile. We tend to think of a missing tooth as a cosmetic issue. However, missing teeth can cause numerous long-term health problems, and can be a danger to your overall health.

Fortunately, Dr. Trey H. Miller and Dr. Clinton L. Esler, along with their experienced dental team, take pride in educating our patients about missing teeth, and how we can help restore your beautiful smile. During your appointment, we will go over the various options available, and which one will be the best for you.

If you would like to discuss your tooth replacement options, give our office a call at (806) 513-2544 to schedule your initial consultation. We are dedicated to delivering beautiful smiles to patients in Amarillo, Borger, Dalhart and the surrounding Texas communities.

The Side Effects of Missing Teeth

There are several negative consequences associated with missing teeth.

Some relate directly to your oral health, and others affect your overall health. The side effects of missing teeth can include:

  • A decrease in self-confidence
  • Multiple teeth shifting positions
  • Altered bite tension
  • An increased potential to lose more teeth
  • Reduced jawbone density
  • Oral infection/tooth decay
  • Systemic infection
  • Difficulty eating, talking and in some cases breathing

Missing one or more teeth can also create an alignment issue with your teeth and jaw, which ultimately can lead to TMJ and other related issues, such as:

  • Fractured teeth
  • Worn enamel
  • Headaches
  • Significant tooth pain
  • Facial swelling
  • Jaw dislocation
  • Locked jaw

It’s important to understand the risks associated with missing teeth, and that everything in your mouth and body are connected. Problems that start in one area of your mouth don’t tend to stay isolated. Small issues become big problems down the road.

Because every patient is different, you may not experience the symptoms or side effects listed here. However, the longer you hold off treatment, the higher your risk for these issues becomes.

What are Your Options?

Addressing missing teeth as quickly as possible can help prevent and avoid these serious side effects. But how, exactly, can you fix missing teeth?

Dr. Miller and Dr. Esler offer patients various tooth replacement options, including:

The dentist will recommend the procedure that best fit your oral healthcare goals and needs to help you get the smile you want to achieve. However, dental implants are most often recommended as this tooth replacement solution is the only one that can prevent your jawbone from deteriorating.

How Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo can Help

At Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo, we know the importance of sound tooth replacement. To fully determine which solution is right for you, we will meet with you in person to discuss your specific dental problem. Together, we will work to formulate a personalized treatment plan that will help you get the smile of your dreams.

If you live in the Amarillo area and would like to learn more about your tooth replacement options, give our office a call at (806) 513-2544 to schedule your initial consultation.

Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo is proud to serve patients in Amarillo, Canyon, Dalhart and the surrounding Texas Panhandle.

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