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At Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo, our motto is “Exceptional Dentistry, Incredible Smiles.” We can restore an incredible smile, even in the case of complete tooth loss, by installing a beautiful set of cosmetic dentures.

These dentures are an upgrade over the traditional dentures you may have seen in the past. They will look like real teeth, while also fitting perfectly to provide maximum performance and comfort with minimal slippage.

Why choose cosmetic dentures?

We customize each set of cosmetic dentures to fit the bite, and the face, of each patient.

Using impressions of the mouth and bite as a model for construction, these dentures will maintain or even improve your bite. Cosmetic dentures also minimize the amount of stress on the muscles of the face and mouth. The better dentures fit, the less stress that is exerted on those muscles.

A good set of cosmetic dentures will make your face appear full, preserving your facial structure and preventing the sunken-in look that many denture wearers encounter over time. Individuals who receive our cosmetic dentures often report looking years younger when they begin wearing their new cosmetic dentures.


Cosmetic dentures are a significant upgrade over many other denture options available today. This is because they are constructed using the finest materials available. Making a set of custom dentures also takes extra time because they are fabricated while considering neuromuscular dimensions in the process. As a result, cosmetic dentures do cost more. However, consider the higher quality of function and aesthetics, as well as your higher quality of life after receiving the dentures.

Cost does not have to impede your ability to receive a beautiful new set of cosmetic dentures. We accept an assortment of payment options, including third-party financing that will allow work to be done on a payment plan that fits into nearly any household budget.

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