Trouble Getting Numb for Dental Treatment?

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Achieving complete numbness for dental treatment is extremely important for patient comfort. TUMS antacid can help! Getting numb at the dentist has a lot to do with the pH of your body. Optimal numbness occurs when the body is at a more alkaline (basic) pH. An acidic blood/body pH can counteract the efficacy of our local anesthetics that we use every day. In the past, some patients have felt like the only option for them to receive care comfortably was to do sedation dentistry, as they have had bad experiences not being able to get numb.

In our office, we have some patients take 3 TUMS, 3 times a day, before their dental visits, and it really works! The thought is that it decreases the body’s acidity level, which makes our anesthetic work better and last longer. We hope the information we share can help you! After all, your comfort is our number one priority!

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