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If you have some level of anxiety about visiting the dentist, then you are in good company with 75% of other Americans. Some level of anxiety or nervousness about going to the dentist is common, but for too many people, visiting the dentist is an dreaded event that provokes outright fear. At Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo, Dr. Trey Miller and Dr. Clinton Esler offer sedation dentistry for individuals with dental anxiety or certain other pre-existing conditions that make it difficult to receive oral healthcare.  

We use sedation in the following forms:


NuCalm is the world’s most sophisticated neuroacoustic listening software that oscillates brain wave function between deep relaxation and recovery. The physics used in the NuCalm software guides the brain to alpha and theta zones, which are the zones where you are most relaxed, for instance, just before you drift off to sleep in your own bed at night.

Nitrous oxide:

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide gas is administered through a nasal mask, and produces a calming effect that eases fear and diminishes awareness of surroundings while maintaining the ability to fully communicate. The effect of nitrous oxide wears off instantly following your procedure.

Oral Sedation/Sleep Meds:

With oral sedation, a 2 hour dental appointment can feel like 15 minutes to the patient. Administered in pill form, this is most commonly used in patients with high dental anxiety, a strong gag reflex, or problems controlling muscles for a given period of time. Both Dr. Miller and Dr. Esler have received many hours of specialized training in the technique of oral sedation, and have the skills and equipment necessary to safely make you very comfortable throughout a long appointment when a lot of dentistry is being completed. This is appealing to patients who want the most amount of dentistry done in as few visits as possible. In the case of oral sedation, you will be asked to limit intake of food and drinks before the appointment.

What you should know about choosing sedation dentistry

Be sure you plan to have someone drive you to and from your appointment if you choose to take part in sedation dentistry. Also, be sure to share your entire medical history with the doctor, prior to receiving sedation, to ensure its effectiveness and safety are optimized to your unique body type, medications, and health history.

Many individuals who suffer from severe dental anxiety go years without seeing a dentist, and thus tend to need more dentistry and longer appointments to get their mouth back in ideal shape. This is why sedation dentistry can be so helpful. Do not let fear stand between you and quality oral health care. Sedation dentistry removes that barrier!

To learn more about our Sedation/Fearless Dentistry services, contact our office and request a consultation.

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