Eliminate Harmful Bacteria with Ozone Therapy

Eliminating oral bacteria

What is dental ozone therapy, and how does it work?

Ozone, administered either as a gas or as a liquid, kills bad bacteria, fungi, and viruses through the process of oxidation, while having no effect on healthy tissue. Luckily, we are one of only five dental offices in Texas that is certified to offer this game-changing health technology. No reason to have to drive to Dallas or Oklahoma City for the best of care; it’s right here in the panhandle!

Ozone therapy has the following applications in dentistry:

  • For patients with gum inflammation, it kills bacteria in the gums instantly, even in areas that are impossible to reach when brushing and flossing at home. It can be administered as a gas, permeating the tissue and destroying bacteria in the deepest areas where your gums wrap around your teeth.

  • We use ozone to sterilize the tooth before placing all permanent fillings, providing a truly 100% bacteria-free seal for your new filling.

  • Ozone therapy can be used to treat very small cavities, sometimes eliminating the need for a filling altogether, since bacteria boring their way into the tooth are what causes the decay in the first place.

  • Ozone also can be administered as a gas to kill bacteria before it develops into cavities.

  • Ozone gas diffused through plastic trays in your mouth at regular intervals can help keep the balance of bacteria in your gums in check, thus making it possible for you to go longer between hygiene visits and still keep the same ideal results.

  • Even the water used in our ultrasonic hygiene instruments during your cleaning has been infused with ozone to ensure maximum bacterial reduction.

Ozone therapy is considered to be a holistic dental treatment. Many dentists who only apply standard training and education from dental school may not consider offering such holistic procedures, or even know that they exist. Rather than treat the symptoms of an issue, holistic dentistry seeks to address the root cause of the problem.

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