New You Dentures™ Difference

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You're probably here because you already wear dentures and are looking for a better solution, or your teeth have deteriorated to a point that you know dentures are going to be in your future. Either way, New You Dentures™ represent a sound investment in your smile, your confidence and how the world sees you.

Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo offers New You Dentures™, a revolutionary treatment option that represents the cutting edge of current denture technology. Dr. Trey Miller and Dr. Clinton Esler can have you smiling more confidently than ever before!

The New You Dentures™ Difference

New You Dentures™ are the result of the most advanced denture techniques and technologies, which are applied while taking both cosmetic and neuromuscular principles into consideration. These dentures are designed completely differently than traditional dentures.

Whenever a person loses a tooth, bone loss in the area of missing teeth is an eventual consequence. This is because the supporting bone structure no longer receives healthy stimulation forces from the tooth root. This bone loss will alter your facial structure and overall appearance, causing the sunken-in look that often occurs in people who have experienced tooth loss.

New You Dentures™ combat bone loss by using the jawbone as the anchor to distribute healthy forces throughout the face. New You Dentures™ are handcrafted to look and perform just like natural teeth. They also are designed with your neuromuscular ideal bite taken into account, thus guaranteeing that they will be comfortable and stable long-term. After receiving their New You Dentures™, patients often tell us that they have received compliments from friends and family saying they look healthier and younger! That’s why these dentures are sometimes referred to as “facelift dentures.”

The Professional Choice

Any dental professional must receive specialized training at the renowned Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dentistry (LVI) before providing New You Dentures™ to patients. Both Dr. Trey Miller and Dr. Clinton Esler have studied continuously at LVI and are familiar with every aspect of this exciting and relatively new option for dentures.

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