How to Maintain Excellent Oral Health

The best way to protect your oral health is to stop any potential problems before they start. That is why Advanced Dentistry of Amarillo offers a comprehensive array of preventive care services, designed to maintain excellent oral health, while also providing early diagnosis and treatment of any issues, as they arise.

Oral Health, preventative care

Plaque and oral bacteria are the building blocks for tooth decay. The examinations that take place as part of a check-up are just as important as removing the plaque and bacteria because they allow us to maintain a thorough record of your oral health and monitor any changes. We follow up-to-date guidelines regarding taking X-rays, using our digital X-ray technology as part of our documentation process. X-rays at regular intervals allow us to pick up on any abnormalities between the teeth, under the gum tissue, and involving the jaw joints or bone.

Our office does not revolve around the standard cookie-cutter “cleaning” that is the same for every patient every time. Rather, we offer a range of adjunctive services in our hygiene department to customize the experience to YOU! These include:

  • Arestin: antibiotic microspheres that can be inserted into the gum pockets around your teeth for bacterial reduction in adult patients with gum disease.

  • Perio Protect: non-invasive, custom-fit trays that fit over your teeth and are specifically designed to deliver a special gel to the gums that combats inflammation and bleeding.

  • Fluoride: fluoride has been long proven to help strengthen and remineralize teeth and rid them of sensitivity

  • MI Paste: a special prescription toothpaste that uses calcium and phosphate to replenish minerals in your teeth and strengthen them

What will happen if I do not receive regular dental care?

When you do not receive dental care at regular intervals, your gums can become inflamed and bleed upon touching them. Healthy gums will not bleed at all upon stimulation, and will maintain a firm, healthy texture.

Individuals with gum disease have almost twice the risk of developing heart disease, as the plaque and bacteria from the mouth enter the bloodstream and accumulate in the arteries. Research also has linked oral bacteria to chronic ailments such as kidney disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Take care of your body by maintaining a thorough regimen of oral hygiene, and encouraging these same good habits in your children. Consider it just as much of a commitment as going to the gym, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep. To learn more about our advanced hygiene department and preventive examinations, let us guide you to your optimal health plan. Contact our office and request an appointment.

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