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Dear Clint and the team,
Greetings from Notre Dame!! I hope you are doing well and enjoying all those beautiful Amarillo sunsets and warm temperatures.

I went and got my teeth cleaned last week ( I know I shouldn’t have waited 14 months but grad school keeps this old lady busy and I already have it ticketed again for next April). Since these people didn’t know me or my mouth, I had to recite my complete oral history for them and while doing so, I got to thinking about how much y’all had helped me and how beautiful my teeth are now. I am really proud of them. So I decided right then and there, mentally to drop you a note and say “thanks”.

But then, after I opened my mouth and the dentist and hygienists began poking around, you know how they are, they were so impressed. “Who did all of your dental work?” “Wow—this is really good.” “He certainly did a beautiful job.”

So kudos to you and thanks so very much.

When Clint is doing a procedure on your teeth, there is a reflection on his face of professionalism, caring, confidence and service. A true reflection of the gifts God gave him. Thank God for him and all of you. Thank you for wanting the best for everyone that walks through your door.
With Special love,

Dear Dr Esler,
I especially want to thank you for your patience and extraordinary dental care you have provided for us over the years. I have had many compliments on my teeth, due to your excellent work. You are the best!

Dear "Dr Clint"
It is so wonderful to watch a precious little boy grow into a fine young man and see him use his God given talents in the kind and caring way as you do. By doing so, you have brought better health and much happiness to me and to many others. Thank you for using and sharing all those helpful, artful talents.

I forgot to ask but do you have extra special connections with the tooth fairy? Does the tooth fairy bring you answers to your questions? Is it maybe just magic? Well, anyway, we appreciate your unique talent! I have enjoyed my new look. Abbra Cadabra & Chomp, Chomp, Chomp,

Dear Doctor Esler,
After years and years of European dental misadventures, I found you. It has made a huge difference. You gave me my smile back, and you even accepted to go a little bit out of your goal of perfection to respect my desire.

Dear Dr Esler,
I would like to thank you for the beautiful new smile you have created for me. I now feel great about my smile when I look at photos of myself. Now when I know a picture is being taken, I feel confident to smile naturally, as opposed to my old habit of concentrating on holding my mouth in a way to cover up the flaws!

You are a true artist and I would recommend you to anyone who wants a "more perfect smile." You're the best!

Thank you so much for making me want to smile. Thanks to you, I am no longer embarrassed to really smile. You are truly an artist with a great gift.
Kay Lynn

Dear Clint,
Not only do I have a better smile but most important I don’t have headaches anymore!

Dr Esler,
Thank you for taking the time to explain things to me! Your skill and temperament make you a true professional. Thank you and your staff for taking good care of me!