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Clear braces can be an ideal solution for cosmetic dentistry patients who want to achieve a straighter smile without the embarrassment or conspicuous appearance of traditional metal braces.

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Options for Clear Braces

At the Esler Dental Group, we offer one main solution for clear braces:

  • Six Month Smiles – The clear brackets and tooth-colored wires of this short-term orthodontic solution utilize low force straightening techniques that offer rapid results, typically with an average treatment time of just six months.

Though traditional metal braces remain an effective orthodontic solution for helping Amarillo patients achieve straighter smiles, clear braces like Six Month Smiles can provide the same results with a variety of additional benefits.

Benefits of Clear Braces

For the right candidates, clear braces can be just as effective as traditional braces without the added physical and mental discomfort that often accompanies stiff metal wires and conspicuous brackets.

Benefits of using clear braces such as Six Month Smiles include:

  • Improved appearance – With the discreet tooth-colored wires of Six Month Smiles' clear plastic trays lining your teeth, these clear braces are nearly invisible while traditional braces can be very obvious and unsightly.
  • Increased comfort – Unlike invasive metal braces, you are less likely to experience irritation of your lips, gums, cheeks and tongue with the low-force brackets used for Six Month Smiles.
  • Faster results – Treatment times for clear braces like Six Month Smiles are generally far shorter than the treatment times for traditional metal braces, but your plan will depend on your individual needs.

If you are an Amarillo resident and you would like to know more about how clear braces can improve your smile, contact the Esler Dental Group at (806) 576-3076 to schedule a consultation with our experienced cosmetic dentist.